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This page is designed to answer most of your questions about the site. So please take the time to read though this help file before you contact us for support. You just might find your answer here!

1) I'm new to this message forum and don't have a clue how it works at all. Where can I find help?

Answer: You can find all the answers to your questions about the forum (i.e. User Maintenance, General Board Usage, and Reading and Posting Messages) on the Message Forum FAQ Page.

2) I hear them talk about the chat room and the message forums on the radio but I don't know where it is or how to join.

Answer: In order to join in the real time chat or the message forum areas you need to Register with the 590 KLBJ web site. Once you do that you'll be able to chat with other visitors from the site!

3) I'm in the message board area how do I get back to the main page of 590 KLBJ?

Answer: In order to return back to the main part of the 590 KLBJ site you can either click on the 590 KLBJ logo at the top of each page or click on the "home" link at the top right of every page.

4) I've registered with 590 KLBJ and I can not post any messages. What do I do?

Answer: If you have gone though the registration process and can not post any messages check your email. An email should have been sent to you to verify that you wish to join the 590 KLBJ community. If you got the email just follow the instructions in it as it's very simple to do. However, if you did not receive the email please visit our Contact Page and follow the instructions!

5) What are your rules for the message board, terms of use, and privacy statements?

Answer: You can read our Terms of Use and Privacy Statements at the bottom each page. The rules for the message board are under the section of "Welcome to 590 KLBJ Message Forums!" Make sure you read them all before registering with the site.

6) Do you have a live Internet stream? If so how do I start the stream?

Answer: Yes we have a stream! Click the "Listen Live NOW!" button at the top left of the site just under the 590 KLBJ logo.
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